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Matthew Torres / May 21, 2019

Knowing where you’re going is helpful, right? I mean, you’re driving down the road, and suddenly, you take a wrong exit, maybe. Looking at the street signs, you’ve just realized you’re on the wrong path, and you get lost! Well, fortunately, there are many apps that can really show you the way so that you can keep driving, save fuel, and get to where you need to go efficiently.

Using Mobile Apps On Your Smartphone

A great way to aid your journey on the road is to use the thing you take with you every day – your smartphone! Having it mounted in your car dashboard or overhead, with a phone holder or mount, is a convenient way to be able to glance at your smartphone when you need to know the correct road or exit leading to your destination.

Most of the apps shown here also have detailed 2D and 3D driving lane maps to help you stay safe in real-time. You can see nearly any traffic slowdown or stop with the apps shown, and even routes re-planned in case you decide you take a detour to avoid any traffic jams or road hazards.

Types Of Navigation Apps

Google Maps – This is probably the most popular app for navigation, and relatively easy to use. Mostly pre-installed on android smartphones, simply click on the app to open it, type in or use the GPS to show your location, and then type the destination to get a route mapped.

Google Maps – This list wouldn’t make sense without this app. Covers nearly everything you would need, such as traffic, points of interest, using the commute tab to see saved places at a mere tap, offline maps to use without WiFi or data connections, even adding a stop to your trip to pick up a friend!

Even booking an Uber or Lyft ride for times without a vehicle is easy, and you can share your location with a friend, drop a pin to show your friends your location, and even use Augmented Reality to guide you in the right direction!

A truly do-it-all navigation app that’s become a wonderful tool.

Waze – A new app that has a nice, simple interface to helping get you where you need to go. It is very practical, and not too flashy, making things easy for most people to use. – A quirky app with a nice interface that has many options aside from other third-party apps. Seeing traffic is a sweet spot of this app, so you can plan accordingly in case you are about to run into a big traffic jam.

Komoot – Great for showing paths for the outdoors as you go hiking, cycling, or even off-roading! Has terrain-level charts that can produce great paths to get you back on track.

Verizon VZ Navigator – Not only for Verizon customers, this app has many great features within a decent interface that can be easy to use, as well. It has traffic, terrain and interest locations, so you can keep an eye out for that new cafe or restaurant you haven’t been to, yet.

CoPilot GPS – An app with great GPS tracking and a basic interface that’s easy on the eyes. You won’t have any problems using this app, as everything is clean and easy to read. If you want something that’s feature-loaded, then this is it. The basic version is free, but the fully-loaded version with voice assist will cost extra.

MapFactor GPS – An app that’s not associated with Google, like others, so it’s a tad different that what many people are used to. Still, it’s a great app that has support for many apps, and even offline apps for those times you may lose connection.

Using GPS To Pinpoint Location

Using a mobile navigation app to guide you along the way is a simple way of getting around locations, but to do that, you must first enable the GPS connection in your device. This way, satellite and WiFi data can track your exact location on earth. Loading maps offline can be another data-saving feature that can help to keep you on track, so that way you can have the routes you need, even when connections are few and far in-between.

Just be sure to look ahead and not always at the screen!

Solutions For Staying On Track

When going from point A to point B, you now have a great asset that can really be a guide on your journey to wherever your destination lies, be it at a coffee shop, restaurant, store, gym, mall, or even home! The Greatest feature of having access to GPS is that you can easily bring up one of the navigation apps by downloading from one of the app stores.

While some apps may charge a small fee, usually the majority of them are free to download and install. Just be sure to keep your phone or mobile device charged!

Know Where You’re Going

If you get lost on the road or walking down the street, you can be assured that the apps listed above can really help you get back on track to where you need to go. Getting lost is the exact last thing that we all want, and possibly getting into trouble, so be sure to always carry your phone with you. These apps may consume more battery power, since voice navigation and GPS, along with the phone’s display, are constantly transmitting data. Having a spare power bank for charging would be a good idea to keep things going.

With the options shown above, you can have offline maps for those times when you may not have a data connection with your phone service. Be Always sure to practice caution and safe habits when driving and using Navigation – never keep your eyes on your phone or GPS device for too long when driving since that would possibly create a hazard and endanger you and everyone in the vehicle. Stay safe out there, and when using your chosen navigation app, be alert, and enjoy the journey!

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  • Mariah

    Personally, I would be a complete mess without google maps. To say that my sense of direction is somewhat lacking is a bit of an understatement. I don’t know what I did before I had a smartphone. It’s so nice to be able to put in a destination and trust that the device will get you there.

    That being said, google maps isn’t perfect. There have been a few times where it has taken me the wrong way or not warned me to turn before it was too late. This usually isn’t too much of an issue but the other day I was navigating in a foreign country and I was hurrying to return a rental car in time. Google maps didn’t tell me to turn, so I missed it. The traffic was super bad and I ended up having to take about 15 minutes just to get back to the rental car place. By that time, I was too late to catch the shuttle back to my hotel. It was extremely irritating.

    Even with blunders like those, I reccomend google maps on the whole. I have also used but mostly only while I am travelling and don’t have a data connection. The great thing about is that you download the regions that you want to navigate in and then you don’t need to have any sort of internet connection.

  • Marius

    Great and very informative post. Actually, the only Navigation app I knew and was using on my Android phone was Google Maps, but you have listed a lot more alternative Navigation apps in your post and some of them seem to be really good and useful. As example, I definitely will try MapFactorGPS, because very often I need my maps to work offline and this app might help me in those cases. One more app which seems really cool is Kamoot, because I like hiking and go outdoors and Google Maps is not great for that. Thank you for sharing this great article.

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