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Matthew Torres / May 18, 2019

Things in technology can change on a whim, being that people want the latest and greatest, or even the shiniest. I want to talk with you about Tech Fads, and the current mobile products that are popular in today’s consumer world. 

Mobile Technology, At A Glance

Mobile phones have evolved over the years, from the bar phones, to the flip phones, and the most popular, the iphone, years ago. Today, there is a huge abundance in the different brands of smartphones, over 90% with the bar form factor. Displays on phones have also gotten way bigger over the years, from tiny 1 inch screens, all the way to 7 inch monsters. 

The size of the phones themselves have also gotten way slimmer, from thick brick-style layouts, to the slim pencil-width thin designs. This has made carrying the devices much, much easier, from slipping a phone into your pocket, or even just carrying it in a small, thin bag. 


We’ve come a long way since simply making a phone call. Often enough, everyone overlooks the simple call quality, and goes for other features in phones of today. Bluetooth has become a standard way of connecting wireless keyboards, mice, headphones, speakers, even other computers such as laptops and tablets to your smartphone. This allows you to share music, pictures, apps, and other info between devices. Very convenient, to say the least. 

Another method of connectivity is something called NFC (Near Field Communication), which allows 2 smartphones or other devices, to simply transfer data between each other by touching. This can be great for two people nearby that want to share contact details, or even file transfers in-person. 

Lastly, WiFi connections have given us more than internet connnectvity – it allows us to make calls, without using cell phone data by using the internet itself to power the call! This can be a huge money saver for people that use phone plans with limited data plans.

Video Calling

In addition to all of the other features and connectivity with mobile devices and apps, video calling has become a big way of keeping in touch with people. Familes can see each other no matter where they are in the world, and even businesses can see their employees and clients with virtual meetings. 

It has become a staple of today’s world, by both being a wonderful tool for business use, interviewing, and even learning and teaching online! Using either WiFi or a data connection, you can simply make video calls through Skype, Facebook, Google, and many other apps that will allow this feature. 

Keep in mind, though, that if you’re using a data connection through your smartphone, data usage will be very high, probably more so than any other streaming service or downloads. 


It first started with the iPad, and then popularity of these exploded. Being bigger than a phone, but smaller than a laptop overall, tablets often have the benefit of a much bigger display screen, and usually more power and battery life. These can supplant a smartphone by offering great connectivy for users of a same platform (iOS for iPads and iPhones, android for both android tablets and android smartphones). 

Some really consider tablets to replace notebook computers, but it’s still not enough to have a mobile device replace a full-blown device designed for work, or creation. Here’s the simple breakdown of things-

  • Smartphones and tablets are for content consumption
  • Notebook and desktop computers are for content creation

So by themselves alone, tablets cannot fully replace a desktop OS experience with content creation, being that they use a mobile OS (Android or iOS). The prices on tablets may vary, as well – some of the cheaper android tablets can go for as low as 60 dollars, but the higher-end ones (iPads and Galaxy) tend to go for a higher range of $300 to $600, though you can expect these to have much more features, power, and battery life, along with a better display screen.

2-in-1 Notebook Computers

As I’ve stated before, tablets alone cannot replace a full-blown desktop experience, but now there are devices called 2-in-1s that actually can replace them, in some ways:

  • Full desktop OS – At the moment, Windows OS is the only operating system for these devices, but may change in the future. These are full Windows 10 devices, that has varying screen sizes.
  • Touch and keyboard – Offering the simplicity and versatility of a touch screen with a physical keyboard, 2-in-1 notebook computers can transform into a full-fledged laptop, and allow you to type full-speed with ease. When you need to click an app or object on the screen, you can simply touch it, or even use a signature, or even draw with it!
  • Detachable screen – Now these devices offer the versatility of having a detachable screen! You can simply use the screen itself as a standalone tablet, with a full desktop OS included, and touch away to get things done.
  • Mouse – Since the OS included with the device is a full desktop one, you can now use pretty much any wired or wireless mouse with the 2-in-1 notebook! This is great for getting things done much quicker, for times when you need to be really precise.

How It Affects Us Daily

As more of us go through the day, we see people using tablets and their smartphones on the go, walking, sitting at coffee shops, in restaurants, and even in vehicles. These devices keep all of us connected in many different ways, and even helps familes stay in touch with video calls. 

Although at times it seems that people talk less in person, it actually can make the world a smaller place in general, and makes communicating with each other easier when we’re physically away from one another. Expanding a business can be done online, through social networks, through websites, and even buying and selling is now done online, easily finding buyers and offers that you wouldn’t even get in person. The world of connectvity with mobile devices, not only keep us in touch, but keeps our world in touch. 

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  • Dalibor

    Personally, I use NFC as it is a great tool integrated. As phones become neccessery equipment these days, finding something that will help help you instead took your time is of an essence. The only downside is that it is not working on distance.

    I do agree that wold can benefit from technology advantage, but it the same time it is drifting people apart from each other and making us less social. I guess that is why it is called a two-sided coin.

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