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Matthew Torres / May 15, 2019

In the health & fitness world, there are now many devices that can measure weight, such as weighing scales, measure blood pressure, with arm machines, and even heart rate, with EKG monitors, but how about steps taken, and overall calories being burned? Well, in the big, wide world of tech, there are now fairly new devices called wearables, which have smartphone connectivity, syncing, and a fitness tracker. I’m going to be reviewing the ones that are some of the best out there, as well as explaining the pros and cons of each. Here we go!

Design and Features

Fitness-tracking smartwatches like the FitBit line of wearables and watches are simplistic, sporty and durable wrist watches that have several functions to serve with fitness and health. The first feature I want to talk about, is the sleep tracking. Yes, that’s right! These watches actually can tell your sleep pattern, and heart rate while you sleep. They can track blood pressure, as well. They can also measure your geo-location, with the GPS inside of the watch, and really tell you how far you’ve come, fitness-wise, by telling you the amount of steps you’ve taken, and has some android messaging features, such as answering calls through the watch, and sending/receiving emails and text messages.

Music can also be streamed from your existing android smartphone, and the quality is actually pretty great. These are firstly for fitness-minded individuals and active people, as the activity tracker in this particular watch is powerful.

Battery Life

Great battery life is common for FitBit watches, as with normal usage you can expect 2-3 days before having to recharge again. This isn’t the best battery life, but better than an Apple Watch, for sure, which only eeks a day’s worth out of it’s battery.
If your main priority is simply exercising while just checking your fitness stats, and the time every once in a while, then it will serve you well for a few more days between charges.

Buying a charge cradle or wireless charging pad for any wearable would be very convienient, as it could possibly be a hassle plugging these into outlets. Expect to charge these everyday if you’re using them heavily. Keep in mind, however, that the batteries within these watches can only be charged several hundreds, to even thousands of times before they lose their efficiency, meaning they will eventually have to be replaced. This will take some years before it happens, though, so you can expect them to last quite a long time.

Syncing With Your Smartphone

Both the FitBit and Apple Watch have syncing capabilities. The FitBit brand of watches can sync with android smartphones, and Apple Watches can only sync with the iphone. Although this seems very limited, the ability to read emails, texts, and maps on your wrist is very impressive. Some apps can also be used with syncing as well, such as apps with news feeds and even some with podcasts. Isn’t this really impressive?

I bet you can just tell what you can do next, like being able to go for a jog and see an email or notification about a podcast that you’re waiting for, and now you can listen to that on the go! Staying connected while exercising and improving health is a big convenience for many, as well as being able to track your overall health. Having access to all of these features on your wrist, is pretty awesome, to say the least.

Main Brands of Smartwatches With Fitness Tracking

Two of the big brands of smartwatches with fitness tracking are here, and they are both excellent devices for your everyday activity-tracking.

FitBit Ionic

These are primarily more fitness-based watches, but they also have messaging, GPS and other features as well, with decent battery life to boot. Not only
are these durable watches, but they are also mostly waterproof, and also excel in the fitness area by showing exactly how much sleep you’re getting, how many steps you’ve taken, and overall health. As stated earlier, battery life may vary, but you can usually expect to last 2 to 3 days with normal usage, and possibly 5 days with very light usage (checking time once in a while, fitness, etc.) Prices range around $200 in most places. This brand is the middle of the pack when it comes to pricing.

Apple Watch Series

With a premium look and feel, these smartwatches give the full experience with all of the great features from apple you’d expect, like GPS, apps, fitness, sleep, and heart tracking, as well. This watch can take calls from an iPhone, so if you have one, it makes a lovely pair. Battery life isn’t so great, being that only one day charge with normal usage (browsing, apps, tracking, messaging, and calls).
Prices range from $300 to $500 for these. Not exactly as cheap as the other brands, but you are getting a premium experience here with connectivity, as well as Apple’s good customer service.

A Big Convenience

With the products listed here, you can’t really go wrong if you’re looking for a good  smartwatch to impress yourself or anyone else. Having a tracker measuring your fitness, and smartwatch features are a great combination for devices that can really bring more productivity to your life. These devices may also aid in staying in shape and keeping connected with your smartphone, and can always be by your side when you need them.

Another way that these devices can improve your everyday living, is by requiring you to look at your phone’s screen much less often, and possibly even taking the habit of constantly looking at your screen, away. This happens by all notifications arriving on your smartwatch/fitness tracker, and not your phone, so you can just continue on with your task or exercise, and not stop to look at your phone! I hope you’ve gotten a better understanding of two brands of the best fitness trackers, as well as the benefits of owning one. Here’s to your health and connectivity! Thanks for reading!

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