Become A Twitch Streamer

Matthew Torres / July 12, 2019

I’ll be showing you how to become a twitch streamer, and possible a big online star! You can do this by simply having any kind of video game that you want to show to people, and once you start with the device (PC, PS4, XBOX One, Switch), pick the game you will want everyone to see, then you can go ahead and just begin filming!

A Great Camera, A Great Face

First things first – If you’re going to be showing your face to the world, you need to have a camera worthy of your beautiful face! While cheap cameras, laptop/mobile cameras can do fine at first, they won’t really be able to capture your true image. This is where a small investment for a great camera can come into play. Here are some great ones:

  • GoPro HERO7 – Possibly the most well-known action camera brand, as they can be taken pretty much anywhere in the world and survive, literally. If you’re going to be moving around in your streams, then a GoPro camera will make every bit of motion in your stream look great. It also has smooth 4K video!

Your Mic Is Your Voice

Every single day that you upload a stream, you’re telling everyone that you want to communicate, you want people to see you, and you want to entertain people. Here’s a great microphone that won’t break the bank, and will push your voice to the masses with crystal clarity – the Blue Yeti Microphone. It has a really great filter for voices and can pick up every bit of sound waves in your voice, helping everyone hear you better. In short: Do what you love!

Blue Yeti – Amazon

Always be sure to test your voice and audio before beginning a stream session. Look for any pops that may appear, and make sure you can only hear your voice, and nothing else. Background noise can be very disruptive during your stream. You will more than likely be replying to comments on your stream feed, so a clear, presentable voice would be best at all times.

A Way To Entertain

What will you stream? Do you know how long you’ll be streaming for? These are questions you’ll need to address before setting up your streaming session. It’s best to show everyone a schedule, a day and time, as well as duration, that you will be streaming.

Simply live-streaming a personal webinar that you want to present to everyone, or streaming a game play or demonstration will be excellent audience-gathering ideas that will be sure to give you followers, and customers, as well. Need special software to help with editing your videos after you create them? These apps should really make it a breeze:

Sony Vegas – Exceptional value, with powerful editing tools meant for precision.

Adobe Studio – Classy, clean interface that makes cutting and such very easy.

Also, you may need to have a steady streaming device or platform so that your live streams don’t go down in the heat of things. Here’s a great one!

Blackmagic Design Web Presenter – Allows for an easy way to record, and transfer any live feeds to your PC.

Once you have your equipment ready to go, just begin your test streaming session, and if everything looks good, then get your game console/PC started, open your game app, and begin streaming!

Stick With Your Fans, And Be Consistent

If you plan to truly become a twitch streamer, then you must stick with your schedules and streams regularly so that your audience will grow along with you. Make things stand out, be wacky, wild, and most of all, just be yourself and have fun, and your fans will love you, guaranteed. Take some time out of every week to schedule your live streams months in advance, as well as give your viewers a long heads-up in time for any earth-shattering events.

Bring The World To You!

Sticking with what you want to create, throwing your passion out there, and just doing what you do best – that is, being you, will help you rise up and become a new streamer, and maybe even a celebrity streamer! Be mindful of what you what to show, accomplish, and you will end up showing the best you can be, to the world. If at first, you’re not getting a lot of views, just remember that it takes time to build an empire of a fan base, and streaming is no different.

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