Matthew Torres / June 20, 2019

Edit Videos For Youtube

Becoming A YouTube Star

It takes time to become a famous video star on YouTube. You’re clicking through many different videos on sites, and among those are always the “recommended” and “recent” videos. Then, you wonder: why am I always seeing suggested videos like that? Well, for one thing, it’s because the people in those videos have a big following, a lot of subscribers, and generally great content that really entertains or informs people. These videos can contain anything, such as video game play/commentary, instructions on how to fix or repair things, and even news on upcoming events.

Gathering An Audience

It’s unbelievable how many people have tried to be famous by getting in front of a camera, only now that has become a reality. Making quality content that people will want to see over and over again because they can’t get enough of you, is an awesome opportunity for virtually anyone, every day!

You can just imagine all the people that make funny, emotional, and informative videos to pique the interest of viewers all around the world, and stay glued to the screen! Think about what you’re passionate about, then when creating it on video, do your very best to make everyone feel your passion through your videos. Though it may take some hard work to get your video channel up and running, in the end it will be all worth it, as you’ll have people flocking to your videos every day! As you begin to edit videos for YouTube, you can find that there is an audience for literally anything!

Making Quality Content

This is where the fun begins. One of the best ways of creating a video that will draw in people would be simply editing a video for the best cuts; In other words, carefully looking over any wide gaps in information given, and putting in the next segment. Adding special backgrounds, intros, endings, and even background music, can entice people to stay tuned to your videos, being that everything you’ve put in your video will allow people to feel that they can trust you, and feel right at home watching you be the star.

You can also embed or have these videos on your own website, if you have one. A site with a lot of great content with videos is another valuable asset to have for followers. To upload your videos, just follow these steps:

  • Copy the video from your camera/phone to your computer
  • Login to your YouTube account
  • Select ‘Upload Video’ in the upper-right top of the homepage
  • Choose your video file from your computer
  • Click ‘open’ and then enter the details and description of your video
  • Choose your privacy settings, and then share it to social media, if you like
  • Add a thumbnail image for the video, then click ‘save’

Video-Editing Software

After you’ve decided what you want to broadcast to the world, you now must decide which program you’ll use to edit your video. Although simply uploading what you’ve recorded with a camera is easy, it’s way better to find a dedicated video-editing app that can really bring out the best in your videos. Being able to accurately edit each part, insert graphics, words and headings, and even being able to edit the sound and background, making subscribe buttons, and even showing lists in the video would prove to be very valuable in getting crowds to watch your videos and really pay attention.

There are both free and paid versions of editing software, but as you may already be aware, the paid versions have much more powerful tools to aid with your videos, and have extensive support. The one piece of software that I can greatly recommend to everyone wanting to make awesome videos, is – Klippyo Studio.

This program has various editing solutions and options that cater to the beginner YouTuber, experienced video-maker, and even online marketers! It can make a huge difference in overall presentation in your videos, and help you save time that you can use to do other things. This software is also much cheaper than other apps for editing, saving you possibly thousands of dollars! Utilizing what this program has to offer, will get your videos much more views, and will save you lots of time by allowing you to even edit videos for YouTube right from your mobile phone!

This software is 100% cloud-based, meaning that it doesn’t matter what device you use, so as long as you have an internet connection, you’ll have access to all the powerful editing tools.

Getting Subscribers

Now that you’ve found your video-editing software, you’ve created some excellent video content that ready to be viewed by the masses of the world, and you’ve made sure every single thing that needs to be edited is there, all that’s left is…..getting subscribers! This can be done in many ways, but one of the easiest ways to get subscribers, is to be consistent with making great videos that can grab attention.

Another nice way of, would be to have prize giveaways – videos in which a random YouTube user will receive a nice prize. This can be either a physical or digital prize, and by having giveaways every once in a while, you will surely get noticed a lot more by word of mouth online, and in turn get more subscribers! Interaction with your growing audience is key; messaging, replying to emails, and even meeting in person at video events will help make you known as a person that loves their audience!

You could also even have other events, such as linking a live webinar to your website, to really entice fans to follow you, wherever you go!

Becoming The Next Big Thing

Putting all of your effort and your passion into your videos will bring out crowds that will love to see what you do, and enjoy every moment! Remember, that engaging your audience with comment replies, emails, events, and even shout-outs can bring people closer to you, and your passion that you want them to see and experience. Setting up a channel, getting videos edited, uploaded, and noticed, and even monetizing your videos is already hard work and time-consuming, but as long as you stick with bringing out your passion and creativity through your videos, then you’ll be a YouTube star in no time!

Matthew Torres / June 4, 2019

Belly Fat Loss

This is something I’ve really wanted to get off of my chest for a long time. This isn’t necessarily related to technology, but this is some info I thought I would pass along to everyone for the benefit of better health. Every single day, people struggle with their own image. Some are distraught over their weight, and others simple just want to lose that flab on their stomachs. I’ve used to really do this every day, myself.

Let’s talk about the ways to jump start belly fat loss, and to keep off the flab for good!

The Formation of Belly Fat

This is just some general information that I have learned over time about fat loss and training programs. Over the course of a few days, if too many calories are being consumed, then small areas of fat will gradually begin to form. Normally, the basic guideline for daily calorie consumption is 2,000, but this can vary depending on a person’s current weight to begin with. Ideally, a basic formula for calculating daily calorie intake for fat loss goes like this: 200 lbs body weight x 11 = 2200 calories. A little above that, say, 2400, would help maintain muscle for someone that is active at 200lbs.

It’s All About Calories

There are many methods and exercise programs that talk about targeting belly fat with stomach exercises, but unfortunately, they are pretty wrong, since you can’t really target fat. Over time, the body decides which area of fat stores to burn, and as long as there is a calorie deficit, it will continue to do so every day. This won’t be a one-week or overnight deal, either, but an ongoing process that will take some time, maybe even a few months.

The main idea that decides how much fat the body will lose, is taking in fewer calories than you’ll burn on a daily basis. Since a pound of fat is equal to around 4500 calories, we’ll use this example: burning 600 with a short workout + 1000 burned from having muscle, and only consuming 2000 a day = around 1600 a day, so after 3 days you’ll burn a pound of fat (4800 calories total burned). For the next 3 days, you’ll burn another 4800 calories, so that’s another pound of fat gone. Keep in mind, that the most fat you’ll burn SAFELY in the fastest time possible, is about 2 to 3 pounds a week.

Keeping Track of Calories

Nothing is simpler than hearing that calories are all that matter in relation to fat loss. Virtually every other diet out there states that you need to watch carbs, sugar, fats, go high fat/low carb, no sugar allowed, etc. While you will lose weight with something such as a keto diet, it will be water weight at first, and then slowly after the first week.

This is the same with pretty much every other diet, it’s just that it’s under a disguise. There’s no magic, here, just the simple fact that eating fewer calories than you burn will keep off the flab, period. Now, I’m not saying that it’s good to just eat junk food and lose weight, although you really could. One good way of keeping track of your calorie count, could be to write it down in a journal or paper.

Watching Calories On A Diet

Never try to go all-in on a lowered-calorie diet, but instead, focus on substituting one healthier option at a time for a day, then gradually substitute more along the way. One example would be to eat yogurt instead of ice cream, if you can find a flavor that you’ll like, look for brands that are high in protein, since that will make it much more filling. Also, insert veggies when you can, such as broccoli, spinach, carrots, and even cauliflower.

A great meal plan with these would be to eat them with meat in a low-calorie sauce, or even steamed. Look, I’m not saying you should go super-clean and eat only chicken, brown rice and veggies (since that wouldn’t work in the long run, and even I couldn’t stand that), but rather, incorporate small healthy portions into your daily meal routine. This can go a long way, since it would really reduce the calorie intake, and help to keep you full throughout the day.

One excellent way to watch calories, would be intermittent fasting – skipping a breakfast meal, and only eating lunch and dinner, or skipping both breakfast and lunch, and have a MASSIVE 2000 calorie dinner! Although this may be harder than it sounds, I’ve tried this myself many times before, and really experienced a difference in energy, and fat-loss. Eating only one or two meals a day makes it much easier to stay within calorie limits, and so then you can really still eat the foods you love-without the weight gain!

Your Diet Is Made Of Your Habits

It goes without saying that any fat-loss program is only as good as your willpower to stick with it as a daily habit. The best diet is the one that you can stick with every day. Simply restricting what you eat and how much you exercise isn’t enough to sustain a nice body and diet; You’ll need to work hard, and get results slowly, that way you’ll be able to stick with whatever program you decide to follow.

Keep in mind that crash diets rarely work long term – meaning that fast results won’t last if you can’t keep it up. As I’ve said earlier, gradually substituting one healthier option of food for another daily, is a sure way to keep your diet going, and your belly fat-loss burning every day. The one thing where people usually give up the effort, is in the nutrition part of a diet and exercise program.

People generally tend to severely restrict foods that they feel would cause big weight or fat gain, and then later on binge-eating when they can’t take it anymore. Like the old saying goes: “Everything in moderation”. This is very true, even today. In a world filled with thousands of diets, workout programs, health-branded foods, and even diet pills, the easiest way towards belly fat loss is simply watching your calorie intake!

Matthew Torres / June 1, 2019

Voice-Controlled Assistants

Not too long ago, it was almost unthinkable to be able to control things using only your voice, whether it’s turning on or off your TV, getting directions on Google, or even ordering food for delivery. I’ll be showing the most popular devices for voice control, how it can benefit you, and some side effects as well.

Controlling Things With Just A Word

Although there are many devices out there that will allow you to control things with just a simple yell, not all of them are created equal. Most require you to bark a phrase, such as “Hey, Alexa!” or “Hey, Google!” to begin processing your voice commands. These commands can be nearly anything you wish, as these devices have become much smarter over time in understanding your words and voice tone. Some examples of phrases include:

“Order a pizza”

“What’s the weather like today?”

“Where’s the nearest store?”

“Take me to my friend’s house”

These are but just a few of the many, many phrases you can use when assigning a task to one of the assistants. Normally, a certain voice level is required for initial activation, but they can detect low-volume voices, as well. Voice-controlled Assistants also have the ability to learn your habits the more you speak.

Choose Your Device

Among the toughest part you’ll face, is which device to use. Though you can use more than one, it’s best to form a sort of “bond” with one, and then pick more as you fully integrate them into your home, and your life. Here are some of the best:

Google Home/Home Mini – With a fantastic AI voice built in, you can expect to get what you need, easily. Google has built one of the best voice assistants out there, that can easily get you what you command, quickly. It features probably the best

voice detection algorithm out there, being that the software can really tell the difference between two different voice levels and detect individual words. Just plug in this small speaker-looking device into a charging adapter, and then into an outlet, and talk away!

You can tell it’s listening and working on a response by the 3 white led dots that appear on top. You can sync so many things, and really integrate your music and video watch playlist with your voice, as well as tell the weather, pick a location to shop or visit, and even quickly find what you need on a website, or even “advice” in real life.

Amazon Alexa – The second most popular voice assistant, it can really sync up with anything you have on the amazon store, and can instantly process commands related to anything site-wide. Want to watch a compatible amazon video? Simply have the other device on (TV, laptop, tablet) with the amazon video app, and speak which movie or TV show you want to see. You could say something along the lines of “Hey, Alexa, let’s watch a movie”, and then watch the most recent or popular movie list pop up on your chose device. Devices along this line include:

Amazon Echo/Echo Dot/Echo Plus – These speakers can provide room-filling sound, as well as play any music playlist synced in your amazon library, or even any other personal playlists that are connected.

Amazon Echo Spot – A smart alarm clock with a bright, vivid LCD display that can show the weather, music playlists, and even other info by using voice commands.

Sonos Beam Soundbar – A sound bar with a wide sound output, having the ability to control volume, playlists, even other Sonos sound bars in your house makes this super-convenient.

Siri – Lastly, Apple’s voice assistant is feature-packed, and it all began on iPhones. With the ability to sync with other apple devices, you can easily view your entire iTunes playlist, or any movies, and even find apps you may need! The following are the devices that work with Siri:

Apple HomePod – Another smart speaker that has the ability to use voice commands to bring up whatever you may need. Though it may not be as robust as other voice assistant devices, if you’re using many other apple devices, then this can give you anything you may need from them, such as apps, music, videos, weather, and even search video.

Keeping It Simple

With voice assistants, you can create all sorts of experiences by interacting using a voice; However, if your other devices in your home are synced with other services, then they may not respond using voice commands. Proper integration is key – you can use a SmartThings device, or even smart hubs to allow devices to connect together in one area, and control them all by connecting the voice-controlled assistants to the device/hub.

Getting Creative

If you know exactly what you want to be controlled in your smart home of things, then you can simply integrate them within the voice assistant software, usually with a simple command (with Google) such as “Sync my devices” would allow a voice command to operate those devices in the way you want.

Here’s a nice idea: If you’re using smart bulbs for lighting, you can create a dance party with music, by using a voice command “Sync my lights with my music” then “play this song” to create a rhythmic light show with your music for a wonderful time!

Smart Voice, Smart Home

It is very convenient to have voice-controlled assistants help you with remembering things, or even making web searches using just your voice. The time spent doing those things by yourself, can be done much quicker using these kinds of devices. Just know that the more smart devices you implement in your home, whether they be voice-controlled assistants, lighting, or even smart outlets, things will get complicated if you don’t find an easy way to track everything in one place. Keep your connected devices synced with your voice-assisted devices, and you’ll be able to throw a light show, or even a party, with just the words “Start the beat mix”!