Matthew Torres / April 30, 2019

About us…

First of all, thanks for finding this site! I’m glad to see visitors, such as yourself, wander into this wonderful world of product reviews and info that you can use daily! Here’s to great reading and awareness for you and everyone else!


I’ve always wanted to find a way to share my passion for everything technology online. Then I had an idea, and that was to start an online website which I could release that passion, through technology and product reviews. This site was started with the thinking that I could help people get what they need and help everyone learn about new technology, whether it be things that deal with mobile devices, fitness tracking and other health-related tech, computers, and much, much more.

Being able to share tech-related issues with everyone and raise awareness is a reward in itself.



Helping people understand and make good choices when it comes to making well-informed decisions about technology and tech products, and also raising awareness, is a blessing on it’s own. This is one of the two things I wish to accomplish, with the second being that whenever you visit this website, you’ll be at home, comfortable, and enjoy every moment here, and feel good about the information and reviews that you see on this site, and make better decisions with technology and the products you’re looking for.

I want to help YOU with understanding new tech and new tech products.



The main goal here at The VANTAGE that I plan to achieve, is to inform the online web-goer about the benefits of new tech, new products, and overall awareness of the things related to many different areas and products, new up-to-date about trends and how those trends may affect them. Everyday, people buy things tech-related and use technology for many different things, whether it’s for personal use, fitness, business, gaming, health and many other reasons.

Whatever the case, it’s best that you become well-informed of products, information, and overall use of new technology everyday as this helps to make decisions that will benefit you, the consumer and the web-goer, by knowing what works, and what doesn’t work, as well as saving money! So here’s to you, reader, feel free to browse this site, and make yourself feel at home!

If you ever need a hand or have any kind of questions for me, then just feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best to you,

Matthew Torres